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 Holy Spirit School of Prayer

A school designed to help you grow in your faith and renew your prayer life by reliving the “upper room” experience of Pentecost.

holy Spirit School of Prayer & 
Greensburg Chapter of 

Present Life in the spirit seminar 

lent 2022

Mar 15    Speaker    Fr Lawrence Manchas

Mar 22    Speaker    Fr John-Mary Tompkins, OSB

Mar 29    Speaker    Fr Killian Loch, OSB

Apr  5      Speaker    TBA

Apr 12    Speaker    Fr Daniel Mahoney

Apr 19   Mass     Fr Lawrence Manchas    Homilist Dcn Jeff Cieslewicz

hem of his garment healing ministry

healing Service

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Healing Service

Friday, December 16, 2022 6:30 PM 

Seven Dolors Parish
102 Center Street
Yukon, PA  15698

Come, Holy Spirit!

“Dear brothers and sisters, our Christian communities must become genuine ‘schools’ of prayer, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in imploring help but also in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion.”

John Paul II

"Today I would like to extend this invitation to everyone, Let us rediscover, dear brothers and sisters, the beauty of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Let us be aware of our baptism and of our confirmation, sources of grace that are always present. Let us ask the Virgin Mary to obtain a renewed Pentecost for the Church again today, a Pentecost that will spread in everyone the joy of living and witnessing to the Gospel."

Pope Benedict XIV



In response to Pope Francis’ commission to the Renewal, in the hopes of unifying the many expressions of the Renewal, in anticipation of the Jubilee and the 50th anniversary of the Duquesne Weekend, to reclaim our historical site, to proclaim the love of God though His Son Jesus in the POWER of the Holy Spirit, The Ark and The Dove can be that rallying point for the Renewal worldwide!     

~ Johnny Bertucci, NSC Chairman

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